Unfinished Bitsy game I started working on for Porpentine's Divination Jam. I didn't plan on finishing it before the jam came to a close, but it's less finished than I would have liked. I worked really really hard on some of the multi-tile sprites! That's probably why I wasn't really able to do anything else.

I rolled two d20 to determine two points of tone for each path.

I think I will continue to work on this whenever I get a little fatigued with more intensive development.


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The art in this game is tremendous my friend. Especially the opening cinematic bit. This makes me wish I knew how to arrange tiles and animations better. Very well done!


soooo beautiful, I'm in love with that giant eyeball. also the divination method is rly cool


D: those multi tile set pieces r really cool would love 2 see more


super awesome animation! i look forward to the rest of it

Thank you!! I will continue to work on this over time!